Thursday, February 16, 2017

Journal 5 by Richard

Journal 5

In today's reading I have noticed that Beah did a great job by throwing in a flashback. In the flashback he talks about one of their raids and how they brutally murdered the prisoners. also he tells us how he acquired the name green snake. The flashback is a great technique because it doesn't let us forget how much hes been through and that this change into the non killing life is proven very difficult.

Once in the big city the civilians and UNICEF always said the phrase "its not your fault". This phrase filled the boys with anger and rage because they wanted the civilians to respect them and listen to them. But in this case its the other way around, the civilians are telling the boys what to do. Which infuriated them to the point that they would punch anything nearest to them. Also they wouldn't do anything because they think they are above these city people but in reality they are all civilians in that city. But this phrase will help the boys come to their scenes eventually. Realizing that its truly not their fault and they were brainwashed into war.

Part 2
I personally have not witnessed someone having a huge transformation but I've heard many story's from my family. My grandma told me about my dad one day. She started off talking about my grandfather passing away at a young age and how my dad being the oldest of 5 kids basically took the role of being the man in the house. But not long after that when my dad turned 18 he was sent to the army for a mandatory 2 year service that every 18 year old male had to do. She explained to me that the transformation started after he got back from the army. 

When he came back he needed to fill the role of being the man in the house. He always watched his younger siblings and did all the work around the house while my grandma was at work. But it wasn't easy for him every time the kids wouldn't listen to him he would raise his voice and start barking orders at them. It was always like that when he didn't have it his way. One day he did the same thing to my grandma and she punched him in the face and called him out on his behavior. Shocked at what just happend he realized that he has changed very much and forgot his manners and principles. My dad always says " I wish they had a mandatory 2 year army so you could go through it." Now I have a suspicion that every time he says that he wants to punch me in the face.


  1. I agree with the use of flashbacks. They really help set the tone of the chapter and the overall theme of the book.

  2. The story about your grandma was crazy but i'm glad she set your dad straight. But, I also noticed the same thing in Beah about the "it's not your fault". Brainwashing plays a big role in this book, it's crazy.

  3. But she said he had done the service and had punched him because of it. I think you are safe.

  4. I like the flash backs. they help with my understanding of the story.


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