Thursday, February 16, 2017

Journal 5: Alec Soule

 Part One:
 In today’s readings, I noticed when Beah's group went asking around for "why were they were given up by their commanders?" When they see a group of boys around their age they ask them and it starts an argument. In the city the civilians and UNICEF always said the phrase "it's not your fault". This phrase filled the boys with anger and rage because they wanted the civilians to respect them. In both cases we can see how the boys are more quick to anger.
 Part Two:
 My best friend from my early years went through one of these transformations. He started as a straight A student who was selected for a gifted math program like I was in elementary school, but towards the end of middle school his grades started to suffer and we started to see less and less of each other. By the end of our High school education he had dropped out and i was graduating and moving on to college. I often wonder what happens to lead two similar people in two very different directions. So far I have found that for my friend it was that allure of drugs and alcohol, along with other things that provide short term happiness.

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  1. Everyone has their demons. It is easy to condemn a person on their choices, but unless you know exactly what is going on, you can only hope for the best.


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