Thursday, February 16, 2017

journal 5 Hunter

Journal 5

          Part One: In Today’s reading in A Long Way Gone, two things I noticed were one, flash backs ran rampant through chapter 15 and 16. Beah lets us into his past war experiences, for example in chapter 16 where his “army” took prisoners from a village, made them dig their own graves, and buried them alive. Two, diction was used a lot, mostly from UNICEF. They continuously use the phrase: “It’s not your fault.”While they do generally mean this, it just makes the boys more and more angry. I feel like these two writing techniques are important because it helps give us incite on to why the boys act the way they do, why they're brainwashed, and helps understand why the UNICEF employees repeat the phrase over and over: "It's not your fault" because it is truly, not their fault
            Part Two: I don't know anyone personally that took a transformation for the worse. Most of the people I know went from terrible to a good person. But I have heard of many people who went from good people with good futures to ODing on drugs, failing in school, stealing, etc. The biggest factor for these changes I would say, is society. We put so much pressure on people to be perfect and live perfect little happy lives and some individuals just crumble under the pressure. If we tried to understand what was happening to them, we might just become a more whole society. 


  1. I have heard the same stories about people I knew from high school. I wonder just what drives a person to do such a thing.

  2. I agree society does put a lot of pressure on people and it even gets in the way with what a person truly wants to do to be happy.

  3. You are very fortunate to not know someone personally who has taken a turn for the worse. But I agree that society can be a main factor for change.


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