Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Journal Four by Dallas Finley

Part One: How is your reading going so far?

I think my reading is going quite well actually. I think I'm being a somewhat active reader. I am noticing a lot more things in my readings than I did the first week of class. I am slowly but surely getting used to writing in the books though. It's gonna take some getting used to but I like it. I highlight major points and where the writing is at its best. I also try to think what the characters are feeling and I write those feelings within the margins. I feel I can comprehend the material better this way.

These are two completely different types of literature. With A Long Way Gone it's more formal so it's definitely an easier read as opposed to The House On Mango Street. I feel The House On Mango Street is totally confusing at times. At the end of each chapter in A Long Way Go, it is like a cliffhanger. I feel the need to find out what happens next. With The House On Mango Street, it's like a different thought or story with the next chapter. I like structure!

Part Two: Survival Skills and Adaptations/Challenges

One important survival skill that I noticed in my readings today is, Beah, receiving combat training. All up to this point, the different groups of boys that he as been apart of have ran away from the fight. Now, it's hopefully leading up to Beah, and his group taking the fight directly to the rebels. Head to head. Lt. Jabati, goes on to give numerous speeches explaining the need for a fight. The need to protect everything they have. What really resonated with me was when he stated "Some of you are here because they have killed your parents or families, others because this is a safe place. Well, it is not that safe anymore. That is why we need strong men and boys to help us fight these guys, so that we can keep this village safe." (Beah, 106)


  1. I figured you would go for combat training. To save himself, though, first he'll need to destroy himself. Cisneros always seems to throw you for a loop.

  2. I agree that Cisneros can be confusing at times, but that's what makes it interesting.

  3. Cisneros makes my head hurt some times but it's what makes the stories more interesting to comprehend, you have to think about it!

  4. I agree with you that Beah leaves you on a cliff hanger at the end of each chapter. I often find it hard to put the book down and keep myself from jumping ahead.


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