Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Journal 9 by Richard

part 1

The profile that really stood out to me so far in this story is the one about Marat Kogut, the NBA referee. In today's society most parents want their kids to grow up and to be doctors and lawyers or some other high paying job. Sometimes parents even ignore their kids opinion on a career because parents "know whats best for them". In Marats situation his mom was just like that but his father on the other hand supported him in anything he wanted to do. Leon Kogut, his father tells us "I'm proud of you, that's why. I watch all the games on TV- I never miss even one game yet."(Isay pg. 30) It really stood out to me how much his father supported him.

part 2
      A safe and steady career that I am considering is a radiologist technician. The first reason I chose this career is because it has a good income. Also it only requires an associates degree. Lastly its reliable because its in the medical field and people will always go to the doctors. Due to working in a kitchen I recently have had a growing interest in the culinary field. Its something I really want to take to next level and start working in a high-end kitchen. But its a big risk because I would have to drop out of school also there is no guarantee that everything will work out because of the lack of experience. I guess I could always keep it as a backup plan in case X-ray technician doesn't work out.
(I think it would be a fun experience working in a high end kitchen cooking and presenting amazing food like this. A chef once told me "I get paid to play with food might as well have some fun with it")

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