Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Journal 9 by Tony

Part One:

Out of all the profiles that I've read so far in Callings, bricklayer, Barbara Moore is my favorite. Her profile is my favorite because her story is very much like my grandfather's story. Yes, my Grandpa Burt is brought up a lot in my writing, but that is because he is very important to me. Anyway, Grandpa Burt and Barbara Moore have many similarities, they both are in a field of construction, they both aren't that big in size and stature, and they both gave up a dream to take care of their families. Though it never really specifies what her main dream was, Barbara's daughter says, "And when I went to college, I always felt as if I was doing it for the both of us, because I knew you didn't get a chance to go. You helped me go to school and payed the tuition by laying bricks" (Isay 76). This is a lot like my grandpa starting up his concrete business to help support eight children. He was in the Air Force and gave it up to have a family, he never was able to ride in a jet until the late 2000s, about thirty years after he had exited. So I'm very close to someone who had to give a dream job up to adopt a more reasonable one for their family.

Part Two:

The study of diseases has always intrigued me, and for a while I wanted to work in the CDC.
The most practical career that I am considering is probably (for me), is being a part of the concrete business. I really wouldn't say I'm even considering this work, but if I had to choose, I'd pick this because I have been around it my whole life. Plus, I'd like to gain as many friendships as my grandpa did while working. I'd have to say my wild choice for a career would be a surgeon. I'm keeping it simple by just saying surgeon because any type of surgeon is a painstakingly difficult career to pursue. If I had my druthers, I would most definitely prefer to be epidemiologist. I find diseases interesting and would love to study the patterns and causes of diseases.  


  1. Growing up in a business usually makes it the easiest job to do simply due to exposure. But man, I can't imagine the drive or skill set someone has to have to want to be a surgeon. My hands shake just thinking about it.

  2. It would be cool to be an epidemiologist. There's probably so much you could learn about diseases especially with the amount of diseases around today.


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