Monday, April 3, 2017

Journal 9 by Hunter

Part One: My favorite profile in Callings so far would have to be the profile on astronaut Ronald McNair. His persistent is very inspiring. He believed in what he could do and went out and earned it. From the moment he stepped into that library to get some books and was denied them because of his skin color to the moment he got on his last space shuttle, the Challenger. "Ron was a country boy from segregated, small town South Carolina. Who would dream that he could become an astronaut? But it was his time. And he got to be aboard his own starship Enterprise."(Callings 39)

The Dr. Ronald E. McNair Life
History Center (Below). Used to
be the library where he was
discriminated against as a young child.
Top is statue of Ronald McNair

Part Two:The most practical career for me would have to be to become a Teacher. I would love to become a preschool or kindergarten teacher and working toward my early childhood education degree right now! I would say it's a safe, steady career because I really don't plan on having any children (unless you count dogs as puppy children) other than my class so I could live off a teacher salary and the need for teachers is always growing but most of all, it would be a job I would love day after day. You can do many things with an education degree, even becoming a substitute for a few years before conquering your own classroom.
      On the flip side, for a wild choice for a career that I could afford the risk, I'd probably become a doctor. Doctor's fascinate me, how they remember so much and know exactly what a patient needs. I really enjoy medical shows, fiction and non fiction, and documentaries but I really don't have the money for medical school and while I enjoy seeing grounded up bodies on Grey's Anatomy, I'd probably, scratch that, would pass out or throw up if I saw someone's insides on the outside.


  1. "Grounded up" bodies? It actually isn't THAT bad. When you see a broken body or nasty gash your body first sees confusion before anything else. Like looking at an Escher painting. You are going to see and clean up more bodily fluids as a preschool teacher, you know.

  2. I, too liked Ronald McNairs profile. I also liked how his brother ended the profile.


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