Thursday, March 30, 2017

Journal 9 by Kai

     My favorite profile so far has to be about the Bradley's growing up on a sharecropper farm. I have a great uncle that is nearly identical to the father in the story. It was all about hard work, working to eat, and never giving up. He always had a way to get things done and made you earn everything you got. He also had a few sayings that were funny, but true. In Callings they use a saying "If a man knocks you down and you can't get up, bite him on the leg". My uncle would always tell me when I got up in the morning "good afternoon". It was his way of telling me that he had already got, as he would say, a half day's worth of work in while I was still snoozing.

     Despite the farm work, I want to repair things. Anything. If it is broken, I can fix it. If I could get a job like that I could work until I drop. I consider it a risky prospect as there aren't many opportunities outside of opening your own repair shop for such a service. I don't imagine someone could make a living in this economy. Instead, I am choosing the safer option of computer software. There is a high demand for coders, app developers, and network administrators. Software breaks, too, and I am just as good at fixing it as I am the computer running it.

There are 3 computers, a toaster, and a matchbox car in this picture. 2 Toasters if you got the guts.


  1. I've always loved hands on work. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is tear down barns with my uncles and grandpa.

  2. Sometimes you have to pick the safer option especially with a family.


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