Thursday, January 26, 2017

Journal 3 by Hunter Merchant

My personal favorite chapter from The House on Mango Street is “Louie, His Cousin, And His Other Cousin”. This story stands out to me because it’s a very relatable type of story/easy to understand. We already knew he stole a car before it was stated.
            The important theme in this story is innocence. The kids wave as he gets arrested and taken away, they have yet to learn about the real bad things in life. The language is at its best when Louis’s cousin realizes he’s been caught and tries to get away and crash the car: “Marin screamed and we ran down the block where the cop car’s siren spun a dizzy blue. The nose of that yellow Cadillac was all pleated like an alligator’s…”

            The person who had a big influence on me as a child was my then best friend, Abbie. We were young and I thought she was a great person but I was very naïve. She tried to teach me to be dumb because to her being smart “wasn’t very cute” (let’s just take the time to point out, some girls are very crazy in their way of thinking) and she believed having fun was doing slightly illegal things. It made me change my own way of thinking to be everything different than her. She enjoyed sneaking off her with her mom’s alcohol, failing school, and sneaking out at one in the morning. I enjoyed being an innocent naive kid.   


  1. I agree with the chapter! And the person who influenced me was also my best friend.

  2. I thought the same paragraph was the best writing in this chapter.

  3. Relatable? I would love to hear that story. I'm glad you didn't take Abbie's advice.


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