Friday, January 13, 2017

Journal Two from Dallas Finley

Hello class this is Dallas Finley. I am originally from Monroe, Ohio a small town about an hour north of Cincinnati. I enlisted into the United States Army at 17 as a Military Police Officer. I spent most of my 5-year career at Fort Bliss, TX. I am 23 and am happily married to my wife of 3 years (4 years in April).I have a 1-year-old son named Maddox. My family is everything to me. I absolutely love sports. I am a huge sports fan and a bit of a history buff.

In The House On Mango Street what stood out to me the most is the constant moving to different places that Esperanza expresses. I to moved around a lot when I was younger and have also been on the receiving end of the question --You live there? I believe the writing is at its best is when Esperanza describes her mother’s hair. The number of similes used in just this small paragraph is astonishing.

My family.
(Photo bomb by Maddox)

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  1. An MP?! I always pictured you on the receiving end of the night stick. Mad Maddox is adorable!


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