Sunday, January 15, 2017

Journal Two-Hunter

Hi, my name is Hunter Merchant and i'm 18 years old from Marion, Ohio, one of the only girls in the class. I enjoy traveling, baking, and my dog (Elizabeth). My favorite color is blue all though I wear a lot of red. I also enjoy watching basketball with my older brother, Troy, although he roots for the Cavs and i'm a hardcore Golden State Warriors fan. I believe in being very open about myself so fun fact: I'm gay and have had a girlfriend of over 2 years, don't confuse my friendly personality with flirting. I hope to one day become a preschool teacher somewhere that is not Ohio! 

At the campus bookstore where I slave my life away for money
My fur baby, Liz.
In The House on Mango Street the theme that stood out to me the most is that Esperanza, while sharing her great grandmother's name, refuses to become another "window woman". She may not share how she will make herself into a better individual that her grandmother couldn't be but she's not becoming a window woman. I feel the writing is at it's best so far in the first chapter, The House on Mango street, because the author is throwing so many different literary techniques at us but still keeping the writing child like, almost like Esperanza, while poor, has yet to be tainted by the adult world. 


  1. Did Ohio wrong you in some way? You seem very eager to leave it. I have a dog that looks almost identical to Liz, though he is grey instead of brown. You weren't flirting? I thought we had something special!

  2. Go Cavs! I'm sorry to hear that you've been persuaded to the darkside. But despite liking the GSW, you seem like you have the personality to become a great preschool teacher.


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