Monday, January 16, 2017

Journal Two from Steve Ritter

Hello, my name is Steve Ritter.
Some of my favorite things include: writing emotional poems, binge watching anime, and gaming to my heart's content. I like hiking, English, and the culinary arts. one fun fact about me is that I love anime.

In the House on Mango Street, I believe that the writing was the best when she was talking about moving around. I thought this was the best because I too moved around a lot as a child, mainly due to my parents job locations and our house being foreclosed. That is why I thought this part was the best. 


  1. I used to know quite a bit of Korean and Japanese. Watching anime with the original Japanese voice actors and English subs is the only true way to enjoy it. What kind of cooking do you mainly do? I make my own sauces for everything. BBQ, teriyaki, honey mustard, that sort of thing. As a child I played with the idea of going to culinary school.

  2. I too love gaming until my eyes can't take it anymore. I focus mainly on first person and third person shooters and occasionally playing sports games. I'm interested in knowing what kind of games you play.

  3. I enjoy the culinary arts as well! Baking and cooking is pretty much how I spend most of my free time and I'm saving up to buy an actual mixer because ours in 40 years old and i'm scared I may or may not be electrocuted by it one day.

  4. I am also somewhat of a chef myself and as we have already discussed I enjoy my video games as well.


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