Thursday, January 12, 2017

Journal Two from Alec

Journal Two

     Hello fellow bloggers. My name is Alec Soule, I am 19 years old, and i have red hair if anyone didn't notice. I was born in California and still travel there every summer and Christmas break to visit my father. I enjoy playing soccer, golf, football, and basketball. I also like first person shooter games. The most unique thing that I enjoy doing is making pottery.
    I enjoyed the childlike wonder that seemed to describe Esperanza's life and how different this story could be if told from the view of papa or mama. I think the writing is at its best in Cisneros' metaphors that actually made me imagine what she says like an image in in front of me.
(In Cancun)


  1. I never would have guessed that you enjoy making pottery. That is awesome!

  2. My daughter enjoys pottery. At first I thought she just liked getting her hands muddy, but she tells me it is very relaxing.

  3. I'm also from California. Its a great place to go on vacation but I wouldn't want to live there.


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