Monday, January 16, 2017

Journal Two from Tony

Journal Two
          My name is Anthony Watson, but I prefer to go by Tony. I graduated from Wynford High School in 2016. While in high school, I played football and I ran track. I graduated from Wynford with about 60 other seniors and a few of them attend here at Ohio State Marion Campus as well. I am a Biology Major and I plan on going into Nuclear Medicine at The University of Findlay in a few years. A fun fact about me is that I ran at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium last spring and helped my track team win a gold medal in the one hundred meter relay and a silver in the two hundred meter relay.

        So far, the book, The House on Mango Street written by Sandra Cisneros stands out as a book that describes a child's perspective of moving around and living below the poverty line. A theme that stands out in this novel so far is the theme of self worth or self recognition. The first few chapters are Esperanza explaining where she lives and her current situation. The last chapter that we read in class has Esperanza explaining that she wishes she has a different name and that she is determined to do something with her life. Personally, I feel the writing is at its best when Esperanza is describing her family and using metaphors. The metaphors really brought my attention to the novel and made me want to see more of the metaphors that I've never seen before.

Me, My brother, and two of my buds after winning a gold medal this spring.



  1. You mention Findlay a lot. What makes them so special? It just closer to you or has a better biology department?

  2. Congratulations on winning gold. I bet that was a special moment for you and your brother.

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  4. Great job man! my best friend ran track and I know how hard it is.


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