Monday, March 27, 2017

Calling Writing Research Exercise by Richard

      I really wanted to find out more about Barbara Abelhauser the bridge tender. The reason this career stood out to me was because I've never heard about it, and secondly the way she describes the job makes it seem like its to good to be true.

       Being a bridge tender may seem like an easy job, but theirs more to it then you think . They have to operate bridges and canal locks in order for ships and boats to enter and exit safely. They also have many other responsibilities. For example they have to run all the machinery as well as activating all the traffic signals and alarms. They must also communicate with the captain and record the name, type, destination of the ship. Lastly they need to always clean and maintain the equipment and always inspect the bridge equipment for any defects.
(Barbara wasn't lying when she said she couldn't even straighten her arms out)

        This career has an above average pay of $37,000 per year. But it is not very common to find a job. Also the main requirements for this job is a high school diploma and being over 18. I would consider Barbara lucky for landing a job like that. Many people would consider this job boring but to Barbara it isn't. She loves her job and I think its because she always tries to enjoy the little things in life.

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  1. People think things like this are easy until they sit in that chair. Just look at all those buttons and switches and lights! That all looks like a lot of responsibility.


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