Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Journal 6 by Richard

Part 1
After finishing the long narratives about Ismael and Esperanza my biggest takeaway is that life has its ups and downs. No matter what happens we need to stay strong and push through because these ups and downs make us who we are as a person. In Ishmael's case his ups and downs are more on the extreme level of survival. It got to the point where it would traumatize him for the rest of his life. Even during his rehabilitation Beah informs us "The headache became so sever that I couldn't walk. I began to cry out loud. The night nurse was called.She gave me sleeping tablets, but i still couldn't fall asleep, even after my migraine stopped. I couldn't face the nightmares I knew would come." (Beah, 160). The images of Ishmael's horrific actions would never leave him. On the contrary Esperanza's ups and downs are more related to the average low income teenager. Having problems with relationships, school, family, friends and society. but she never let those problems bring her down. Instead it made her figure out what she really wants in life. One thing I will never forget is how Ismael never let anything stop him he did everything he could to survive and try to find his family. 

Part 2
The Hobart Shakespeareans was a very interesting documentary. I was very surprised that the kids were able to read Shakespear and understand it because most high school students aren't even able to do that. It is only because their teacher got the class very involved and had high expectations for his students. Also he taught them important life skills such as doing your job, money management, teamwork, and discipline. He also shows the kids what its like living a good lifestyle by taking them on fieldtrips to D.C. and staying in nice hotels. He gives them as he says "A taste of the good life." That way they know what they are losing. He helped them set their own personal goals in life which is very important when it comes to your future. He did a very good job getting them ready for the future now we can only hope that they make the right choices and stay on track.


  1. A Long Way Gone was a roller coaster. It did show how life can change in an instant. I could never imagine having to live a life like that.

  2. I Agree that Mr. Rafe taught more life skills with his style of teaching than most teachers ever will.


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