Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Journal 7-Hunter

Nobel Peach prize winner Leymah Gbowee 
Leymah Gbowee is a 2011 Nobel Peach prize winner, peace activist, social worker and woman's right activist. She's also the founder of the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa, which provided educational and leadership opportunities for girls in West Africa! But before this, when Leyman was seventeen years old, the Liberian civil war started and turned her, in her own words, "from a child into an adult in a matter of hours". She soon became a young mother, turned social worker working with ex-child soldiers. Leymah Gbowee became a founding member and Liberia coordinator of the Women In A Peace Building Network (aka the WIPNET) of the West Africa Network for Peacebuilding. Inspired by her dreams and her faith, she encouraged her christian female friends to mobilize for peace. Leymah also collaborated with a Muslim counterpart to form a coalition with Muslim Women. She definitely wanted no women left behind in her dream. She soon became the spokesperson and lead thousands of woman through protest around the country. One memorable protest was when Leymah and 200 other women formed a human barricade around a hall where peace talks had been stalled to prevent the men from leaving until they came to an agreement. Leymah emerged as a global leader and co-founded the Women Peace and Security Network Africa and served as Executive Direction for six years! In light of Leyman Gbowee's actions, many young girls lives have been transformed.
A few fun facts I found, she was the second African women to win the Nobel Prize and she was honored as a flag-bearer for the opening ceremony of the  Olympic Games in London.


  1. Hunter, I have learned a lot about your journal. Leymah Gbowee seems like an inspirational person.

  2. Did you listen to her TED talk? She is the kind of person that will make you sit down and finish your dinner. It is no wonder she could make men unwilling to discuss peace sit their butts back down.


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