Monday, March 27, 2017

Snapshot 5 by Richard

Snapshot 5
            Music has always played an important role in my life. I’m always surrounded by it whether I’m in the car, at home, or hanging out. The music genres I listen to are never the same. It always varies on what I’m doing or what the mood is. It could range anywhere from country, rap, dub-step, trap, pop, rock, and sometimes even classical. If I had to pick a genre that I listen to the most it would probably be country. I find it very relaxing and most of the people I hang out with listen to it as well.


             Of all the country songs out there are very few that stand out to me. Out of all of them my favorite is Toes by Zac Brown. Every time I go on vacation this song always makes it to the top of my playlist. So when I hear this song it brings back the memories of being on the beach. It reminds me of the scorching hot summer sun searing my pale skin, and the cool ocean breeze covering me like a chilly blanket on a hot summer night. The ocean sand grinding between my toes as I try to bury my feet in the sand. While droplets of water run off my cold drink almost instantly evaporating when contacting the hot sand. The best part is observing the waves; I could hear them crashing and watch them tumble and turn. As well as watching kids run away from the waves that roll up onto the beach as if the ocean water was lava. All of that and not a single worry on my mind.
(This was a picture I took in Costa Rica)


  1. This is a great picture and sounds like great music

  2. Every one of your blog posts should have "Three Little Birds" playing in the background.


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