Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Writing Exercise-Callings by Hunter

For this research exercise I chose the Firefighter career the story so far in Callings is of dad and son firefighter team Dekalb Walcott Jr and Dekalb Walcott III. I decided to research this because my dad is a firefighter.
The skills you need to be a firefighter are: Integrity, physical fitness, communication, dedication, have to be a team player, tolerance, and self sacrifice. One can not simply become a firefighter, it's hard work. Did you know you can be a volunteer firefighter? All training of a firefighter but you chose the hours!

Tools needed for firefighting are: fire axe, Haligan tool which is a crowbar with a forked prybar on the end. It helps opens doors quickly and break locks. They also need protective clothing, a helmet, powerful flashlight, oxygen tank and mask. Gear can weigh up to 70 pounds! The tools and gear have improved a lot over the years to help protect firefighters.

Halligan tool 

Training needed is: Step 1- volunteer for the trade. Step 2- Find CPR training, Step 3- Get a fire science degree, Step 4- Take exams and apply for work. Step 5- Advance. It involves a lot of hands on training!

Some famous firefighting companies are: From 9/11 attacks- Ladder Company 3. Had the highest capitulates, loosing most of its men in the attacks. The ladder company was founded on September 11th in the 1840's. Also, English 7/Ladder 1/ Battalion 1 who can ve seen in documentary "9/11" made by french brothers in NYC that day filming probationary firefighter Tony Benetatos, it won an emmy award!

Sources:  https://www.firerecruit.com/articles/781925-The-10-traits-all-great-firefighters-have


My Dad


  1. Thats so cool that your dad is a firefighter growing up I always wanted to be a firefighter.

  2. A few of my friends are firefighters in my hometown. They love it.

  3. Those are some very specific training steps to become a firefighter. I can tell your excitement from the liberal use of the exclamation mark.

  4. I too, have had friends become firefighters. Its an interesting occupation.


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