Monday, March 6, 2017

Journal 7 by Kai

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

     PTSD is a very serious injury of the brain. It is often called the invisible injury because it affects so many soldiers that otherwise seem perfectly fine. Many people today have a mental illness and may not even realize it. Technological progress has allowed us to observe and catalog changes in the brain. While PTSD has been known for a long time we are only just starting to realize the extent of damage. There is no known cure for this disease, only treatments.

     Post Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs when a person goes through an intensely terrifying experience. The event has to be so jarring, continuous, or monumental that it literally scars the brain. People that have the condition can't seem to free themselves from it. Certain sights, sounds, senses can bring the person right back into the event at any time. Sufferers usually have vivid nightmares, anxiety, and frequent migraines. Their brain is in a state of constant alert.

Imagine never being able to rest your mind.

     This injury most commonly happen to soldiers that experience the atrocities of war or children whose brains are in early development. I cannot even imagine what it would do to a child soldier. Unfortunately, despite Beah claiming he is rehabilitated, he will suffer from his PTSD for the rest of his days. The nightmares will continue to plague him. It will take one sudden snap or situation to bring him right back into the jungle. I found most of my information using the Mayo Clinic.

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  1. I picked yours because I honestly did not have any real knowledge of PTSD and after reading this I feel like I am much more knowledgeable
    about this issue.


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